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I would if I could
If I could I would laugh, morning-drunk with the Kookaburras
Grumpily I would laugh,
Gagging my gum-tree old sadness in the parrot jammed air
Asking no longer how one could ward off the evil spirits
That flew in from rabies-greed- ridden, polluted Olympia
But wait a moment, now I really need to ask seriously
How one should ward off those evil spirits
From the Bridge to Sydney’s Harbour
Pushing them like carbo-dioxin
Into the Irish clean Geisha-drink, bottled in Queensland
A brandy that brand-marks the throat anyway
The throat of those who believe St. Paul was a freak
A freak, yes, with a line on his chine
Sending spells back to China’s Han dynasty
So that never no son and no daughter oughter ever again
Sally forth from that slit-eyed mob
To set foot on the soil of this Ajax cleansed shore
Preserved for the privileged redheads and blondes
The land where the snakes, Emus, Kookaburras and I
In the goodly company of Koalas and Roos
Shed crocodile tears caused by ceaseless laughter
Bewailing the ongoing slaughter of commonsense
And the return of unjustified fears.
Sydney February 14th 2000

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