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sanctimonious brain washed creatures
are the culprits of this legend
they trust godly words are stable
book bound piled on a big table
holy, stony desert fable
or on labels in a brain
of Sinai tablets’ dusted rain
lost in history’s stupor drain
far away from being stable
words are words and stables: stables
golden calves infested navels
words are stock that lives in stacks,
all marked with inverted stickers
of beliefs that make you shrivel
like the calf of brave Achilles
dark as nights that shed their stars
words in language act as bars,
language feeds on languishing
languish sharpens swords with wordings
piercing daggers peaceless floggers
flogless phrases praising races
full of holy interfaces
raising fear among the faceless
sanctimonious brain washed creatures
are the culprits of this legend:
holy language
holy languish
holy anguish-
don’t get angry
wish a wish
wish fish as dish
wish a fish dish
wish a quiche
write and read
and blow the reed now
eat and cheat and bathe in greed vows
once inscribed on stone, on paper
WORD CULTS inundate the silence
foul serenity of islands
and become the fiercest rapists
GOD’s words are no letterings
GOD’s words are no inky things
words of GOD are galaxies,
stars and atoms, superstrings
not a human uttering
all that is derives from GOD
all that is, is all but GOD
but IT is NO-THING

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